STRATI is a software that aims at enhancing the spatial gestures and articulation in live diffusion on acousmonium whilst reducing the physical gesture of the performer and the number of physical controllers in use.

It can be seen as an evolution of the classical approach to sound diffusion in which each fader of the controller does not correspond just to a single speaker (or to a group of linked speakers), rather to the amplitude control of a total routing matrix of the whole sound system. The performer can change the total balance of the sound image in the concert hall moving just a single fader.

The software comes out of a small patch originally commissioned to me by Lucio Garau for one of his acousmatic concerts. He then proposed me to develop a complete piece of software, which I built in Max/MSP 5 and then updated to the latest Max 7. On the side of this an ObjC version of it has been developed, although it never really reached a good level of usability, which pushed me to keep updating the smaller Max version.

The project keeps evolving now as an independent research: I am now collaborating with Marco Accardi, programmer and sound designer based in Berlin, in order to improve the performer’s experience. The next steps include:

  • Graphical representations of the waveform and of the sound system in use (interactive map of the concert hall);
  • Introduction of live inputs for mixed music performances;
  • Introduction of modules for Ambisonics encoding and decoding of the audio stream



At the moment STRATI is not available for public distribution as we are in a revision process that will require some time. If you are interested in the project and would like to have a limited demo version to evaluate it, please feel free of contacting me.



original concept: Lucio Garau

software architecture: Manfredi Clemente

Max/MSP development: Manfredi Clemente

Future development: Manfredi Clemente and Marco Accardi