Easter bells


My terrace overlooks a villa, on the other side of which is a church dedicated to S. Francesco di Paola. My days are articulated by the sound of its bells, which are between the few left untouched and still working like in the past. Both the view and the sound of the oscillation of those extremely heavy metallic objects is impressing: when I see them I always question myself on their weight and the robust mechanism that keeps them in position; if I am near them I am deafened by them, if I am far from them, at home for example, I am always surprised by how clear their sound is. Unavoidably I think about the role of this kind of system in the age of quite ‘hi-fi’ urban soundscapes, when the sound of traffic did not use to dominate every aspect of life yet.

In this recording I used my usual A/B configuration with Sennheiser MKH8020. I placed them in the terrace, facing the bell tower. It was the Easter day and I was expecting something more than the usual call for mess. I was not disappointed: they played for about ten minutes. Unfortunately the day was very windy and the church is in the very centre of town (therefore traffic..). Anyhow, it is nice to listen to the bells in their context and to notice how they slowly manage to nearly overwhelm everything else, everything disturbing.