I am an Italian composer of musique concrète, field recordist and improviser. My music can be seen as an attempt to create a purely sonic poetry and is very much based on the consideration of space as the main dimension of perception and thence of evocative processes involved in listening experience. I love to present my music on acousmonium, sort of very complex surround systems that become a great instrument for adapting a piece of music to specific spaces.

I graduated in Music and New Technology at the Conservatoire of my hometown, Palermo, where I studied composition with Emanuele Casale. I then moved to Birmingham, UK, where I completed a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition under supervision of Jonty Harrison. As I am very much interested in theory and philosophy of music, with a particular focus on what the recorded sounds can represent and the concept of sound image, I decided to complete my studies with an MA in Musicology, which I am currently pursuing at the Università degli Studi di Palermo.

I love field recording and soundscape: both practices represent the intersection point in which my passion for sound meets my love for nature and hiking. I often use field recordings in my compositions, but I also record outdoor just with the same spirit of a portraitist. The several article of the field recording section of this website are dedicated to this kind of practice, each concerning a different place that in a way or another is meaningful to me. From time to time I also hope to upload more technical article as well as music recording.

I am available for any kind of recordings you would need, particularly  sound for multimedia and classical or instrumental music recordings. For any question just contact me.



  • Lichens

    My latest piece, “Un semplice, fragile equilibrio” [A simple, fragile balance], has been commissioned by Audior acousmonium and is going to be part of a CD entirely inspired by lichens. The release will be officially presented in Turin on September 12, when all the included pieces will be performed in…

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  • Interviewed for VaresElectronique

    I’ve been interviewed by Giorgio Bianchi for VaresElectronique. Here is the link to the interview, enjoy!

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  • new website

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