I am an Italian composer of musique concrète, field recordist and improviser. My music can be seen as an attempt to create a purely sonic poetry and is very much based on the consideration of space as the main dimension of perception and thence of evocative processes involved in listening experience. I graduated in Music and New Technology at the Conservatoire of my hometown, Palermo, where I studied composition with Emanuele Casale. I then moved to Birmingham, UK, where I completed a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition under supervision of Jonty Harrison. At the moment I am back to Palermo, where I work as an A/V technician at the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele as well as a freelance composer and sound designer, especially focusing on theatre and artistic performances.

I love to present my music on acousmonium, sort of very complex surround systems that become a great instrument for adapting a piece of music to specific spaces. Field recording and soundscape represent the intersection point in which my passion for sound meets my love for nature and hiking. I often use field recordings in my compositions, but I also record outdoor just with the same spirit of a portraitist. The several article of the field recording section of this website are dedicated to this kind of practice, each concerning a different place that in a way or another is meaningful to me.



  • Le paysage sonore dans lequel nous vivons

    In the context of the European project ‘Le paysage sonore dans lequel nous vivons‘, organized by GMVL, Tempo Reale, Amici della Musica di Cagliari, EPHMEE and A.F.E.A., I was commissioned both a series of soundscape recordings and a composition based on the recordings made. I recorded in Sardegna during a residency period…

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  • Lichens

    My latest piece, “Un semplice, fragile equilibrio” [A simple, fragile balance], has been commissioned by Audior acousmonium and is going to be part of a CD entirely inspired by lichens. The release will be officially presented in Turin on September 12, when all the included pieces will be performed in…

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  • Interviewed for VaresElectronique

    I’ve been interviewed by Giorgio Bianchi for VaresElectronique. Here is the link to the interview, enjoy!

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  • new website

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