Manfredi Clemente is a composer of musique concrète, sound artist and field recordist. His music is an attempt to create a purely sonic poetry and is very much based on the consideration of space as the main dimension of perception and thence of evocative processes involved in listening experience. He regularly presents his work on acousmonium, sort of very complex surround systems that become a great instrument for adapting a piece of music to specific spaces and immerge the audience in sound.

He graduated in Music and New Technology at the Conservatoire of his hometown, Palermo, where he studied composition with Emanuele Casale. He then moved to Birmingham, UK, where he completed a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition under supervision of Jonty Harrison. At the moment Clemente is based once again in Palermo, where he works as an A/V technician at the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele as well as a freelance composer and sound designer in his private studio, AlmaVox, especially focusing on theatre and artistic performances.


AlmaVox Studio